Creative Warrior Alliance

It's Time to Move Your Business Forward!

Find accountability, direction, and support with the Creative Warriors Alliance, guided by business coach, Jeffrey Shaw

Included in The Creative Warriors Alliance for $19.99/month

($49.99/month value)

Weekly group coaching calls with business coach Jeffrey Shaw

The Creative Warriors Assessment

Full Access to All Online Coaching Resources

Access to Creative Warriors Community

Upgrades for graduates of The Creative Warrior Unleashed

The path of the Creative Warrior can be lonely

The Creative Warrior's journey can be challenging and at times, discouraging.

The Creative Warriors Alliance is a community of support. It's a group of like-minded professionals who understand the unique challenges you face when make a living doing what you love or what you feel you are "meant" to do.

There can be so many choices and "shiny objects", we need help staying on course. As solopreneurs and small business owners we have more than enough we need to get done so it's essential to have a community that holds us accountable.

Support. Direction. Accountability. These are the cures for creative chaos. That's The Creative Warriors Alliance.

Alliance FAQs

  • Who is the Alliance for?
  • You're a solopreneur or small business owner who feels like they are 'doing it all'. You're trying to grow your business by marketing yourself and your talents and you feel the need for a community of like-minded creatives who can support you and hold you accountable.
  • How long do I have access to the Alliance? 
  • The Creative Warriors Alliance is a membership program that is paid on a monthly basis. Once your payment is made, you have access to the weekly calls, resources, and everything else included for 30 days.
  • How can I benefit from the Alliance? 
  • During the weekly coaching calls, Jeffrey Shaw, who has completed over 1000 hours of coaching training, will lead the conversation to answer any questions any participants might have. This is an opportunity to gain personalized insight to issues you may be experiencing in moving your business forward from a professional business coach. The Alliance is designed to help hold you accountable to your goals while providing you with a supportive community of like-minded creative entrepreneurs. 
  • Do I have to have completed the Creative Warrior Unleashed in order to join?
  • No. Both The Creative Warrior Unleashed graduates and non-graduates are welcome to join in the conversation. 
  • What is included in the Alliance?
  • You will receive access to the weekly group coaching calls led by business coach Jeffrey Shaw, access to countless resources, The Creative Warrior Assessment, and any future updates to The Creative Warrior Unleashed. The goal of The Alliance is to work with The Creative Warrior Community to overcome any obstacles you may face throughout your journey to create a thriving business. 

You have the tools to create a successful business.

The Creative Warriors Alliance will help you put them into action.

Meet Jeffrey Shaw

Knowing the importance of being clear as to why you serve and who you can serve is the basis for Jeffrey's coaching and speaking services. With more than 30 years as a successful photographer and extensive professional training (over 1000 hours) as a coach and leader, he supports creative entrepreneurs to align their purpose with their ideal clients, train them on best practices, and empower them to work to their greatest potential so that they have prosperous businesses.

Jeffrey believes that our world is a better place because of creative people. It is only by having thriving businesses that creatives can be fully expressive, serve their communities best and continue to provide their inherent gifts.

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